28 July, 2022

Honjo Delivers New Culinary Sensations to Sheung Wan

Pirata Group’s modern Japanese restaurant enters new era with a revamped dining experience and A La Carte menu by Chef Dan Segall

With temperatures on the rise, Hong Kong’s dining public can now find a relaxing and refined reprieve within the expansive retro interiors of Honjo. New signature plates by Pirata Group Corporate Chef for Japanese Cuisine, Dan Segall, build on the restaurant’s philosophy of classic Japanese culinary precision, contemporary technique and bold ingredient combinations, while adding more social dining elements to make each gathering a memorable experience.

Fourteen new dishes await to be discovered throughout the Honjo A La Carte menu, from intriguing starter plates, irresistible maki rolls, through to show stopping main dishes.

Soft Shell Crab Tempura
Tempura Yasai & Spicy Desu Maki Rolls

On the ‘Small’ section, guests are invited to sample the Soft Shell Crab Tempura (HKD180) with a kick of green chili mayo and mizuna; and the Crispy Tofu Salad (HKD90) served with a sauce of pureed cucumber atop a salad of daikon, cucumber, red chili and braised red onion.

Joining Honjo’s signature range of Sushi and Sashimi platters will be a selection of hand-prepared Maki Rolls, including the Spicy Tuna Crunch (HKD180) with tuna, avocado, shisho, ikura, takuan and bubu arare all rolled together for the perfect bite; Shiso Spider (HKD140) a succulent soft-shell crab tempura with mentaiko and pickled myoga in shiso dip; Spicy Desu (HKD160) with deep fried prawn in a hot chili jam; and the vegetarian Tempura Yasai (HKD130) with sweet potato, lotus root tempura, takuan, burdock and shisho.

Hamachi Kama
Wagyu Kamameshi

Generous entrees sourced from the best of land and sea make their debut in the ‘Hot’ section. New dishes here include a salt-grilled Hamachi Kama (HKD290) which uses the traditional Japanese ‘shio-yaki’ cooking technique to ensure a delightfully crispy exterior with a tender, juicy mouthfeel. Adventurous diners will also enjoy the King Crab Leg (HKD680), a precious delicacy braised in a piquant coriander-ponzu butter.

Now taking centre stage on Honjo’s dining experience are traditional, large-format Kamameshi Iron-pot rice bowls. Dinner guests choose from a rich variety of premium options including Wagyu Kamameshi (HKD480) with onsen egg and truffle-soy; the opulent Kani Kamameshi (HKD540) with King Crab Leg, salmon roe and ponzu butter; and the aromatic Kinako Kamameshi (HKD280) featuring three types of Japanese mushrooms and black truffle – and watch live as the Honjo team mix the bowl’s ingredients harmoniously in front of the table.

All the aforementioned dishes can now be found on Honjo’s A La Carte menu, available for dinner daily. New and returning guests are invited to all come embark on new gastronomic journeys.

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Japanese Corporate Chef Dan & Executive Chef Stephan of the Honjo Culinary Team

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