The Team

The team at Honjo is peerless, having held positions in kitchens and hospitality all over the world for many years. The team comes together at Honjo to bring guests the ultimate dining experience. Expect delectable food, great drinks and attentive service.


Executive Chef

Possessing a passion for innovative Japanese cuisine, Executive Chef Sato Kiyoshi aims to tell stories through the dishes that he creates. Born in Japan, he later moved abroad and travelled to work at award-winning restaurants around the world. Building experience at establishments such as Quay, Whitegrass and JAAN, Chef Sato lived internationally in Europe, Australia and most recently in Singapore. He was responsible for all aspects of kitchen operations and was tasked with crafting impactful menus at the restaurants that he worked in. As he developed his culinary career, he was given the opportunity to travel around the world – learning, experiencing and carrying out research. 

With a reverence towards his Japanese heritage, he strives to harness an innovative style of cuisine by pushing through pre-existing conceptions around food. Through using Japanese cuisine as a baseline, Chef Sato is influenced by the finesse of French culture and the freedom afforded by Australian culture in avoiding traditional bounds. 

“Joining Honjo is a challenge that is close to my heart.” says Chef Sato. “I hope to use my past experience and cultural knowledge to elevate the restaurant’s menu and to provide guests with a memorable innovative dining experience. I hope to incorporate more locally sourced ingredients into the menu and to focus on altering guests’ perception of Honjo.”  Pirata Group is delighted to welcome Sato as the Executive Chef of Honjo and TMK – the former a modern Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan district and the latter a punk rock styled Japanese temakeria and sake bar.  


Head Chef 

Throughout his career, Chef Jason Luk has gained experience at pastry kitchens within various restaurants, making desserts his specialty. He first came into contact with hot food cooking while working at The Drawing Room and in 2011, advanced his culinary career at Zuma Group through a relocation to Zuma BangKok. Gaining international experience, Chef Jason worked at Inagiku Shanghai and Rocket Coffee Bar in Bangkok before returning to Hong Kong as part of the Ming Fat House team, helping to launch a new concept restaurant with the Group. 

As part of the Pirata Group team, Chef Jason lends his expertise as Honjo’s Head Chef. His cooking philosophy is simple – taste comes first.


General Manager 

With 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Paul Franklin excels in leading restaurant and bar teams. Through meaningful staff training, Paul focuses on equipping his team for success. Under his mentorship, each team member’s personal skills are identified, established and fully utilised, ensuring the success of the outlet. ColumnParagraph

Throughout his illustrious career, Paul has gained experience at celebrated establishments and restaurant groups in London – All Star Lanes, Peyote Restaurants, Rail House Café and Yosma London to name a few. He spearheaded restaurant launches and showed his expertise in operations through path implementation, site recruitment, goal measurement, and design and execution of operating procedures.

A motivational and engaging individual, Paul has led numerous teams of excellent staff who not only work tirelessly towards building the restaurant brand, but who do so with a smile on their faces. 

Paul was brought to Hong Kong in 2019 to helm the capable restaurant teams at Honjo and TMK, two of Pirata Group’s Japanese inspired establishments in Sheung Wan. Constantly up to tackle any challenge that comes his way, Paul took both restaurants’ launches in stride with astute observations, creative solutions and a positive approach towards handling each and every situation.

As Multi-Site General Manager for Pirata Group, Paul will work with his team to display fierce dedication towards providing unparalleled hospitality to guests at Honjo and TMK.


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